Atlantis (feat. Sinead O’Connor)

“Disclaimer”: I’m not a member or associate of any political/religious/occult, group, society or sect. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are my own personal views and in no way do I advocate that you take them at face-value.

Hi all,

This is the most difficult blog I have written. Difficult, partially because it is the last musical collaboration that I am doing for The Phoenix Rising Project and also because I want you to really understand what I’m trying to say here. I will try to maintain balance in my judgements and clear thinking without being clouded by emotions – in this case I realise it’s a tall order…
If I come across as preachy or judgemental, I’d like to apologize in advance, as I’ve no intention to offend anyone.

The song Atlantis is my last involvement as a musician with The Phoenix Rising for the time being, as Zoofine and I originally agreed on a 3-track collaboration. The whole experience has been an interesting one and has opened my eyes in many ways.
I’d like to thank Zoofine and my good friend David Matthew (who later came on board) for their musical ideas and suggestions. Even though I took their ideas on board I kind of went on my own with this one (as I had strong feelings about it), which resulted in a peculiar outcome. In this blog, I’ll mainly be referring to the original version of the Atlantis track. Being long, it’s a sort of story that unravels while you listen, whereas David’s version, which we called “Alternative Mix” is more straight to the point – a sort of summary, if you will.
Also, I’d like to thank again Sinead O’Connor for being herself. As the whole process of “Atlantis” was a long and torturous one for me, her presence gave me a second wind in creating this track and put many things in perspective.

What’s it all about? – it’s about the presence of “intentional” evil in the world…
By now probably half of you are considering leaving this blog suspecting that some propaganda follows. I can only assure you that whilst not being religious, I won’t waste your time speculating about the devil. But it’s important to examine what I mean here by intentional evil and I will try my best to do so.

The Atlantean theme is a recurring one for me. In childhood I was fascinated by the myth of Atlantis, which I so much wanted to be true, as any kid would. But then as you go on in life you kind of forget your childhood aspirations/ideas and you read works of grown-up literature (whether they be of an archaeological or philosophical nature) and then you later find the whole Atlantean industry with New-Age books ready to confuse you with their “true accounts”… So, I suppose this “Atlantis” track is a result of some stuff brewing within me for quite a long time. In the beginning I made a mistake: I approached the music without having a concept, and having created 4 different versions half-way through I got derailed. Whilst liking the music, I had an uneasy feeling “This is just theatrics – something big is missing” – it was evident the track wasn’t happening. I was coming back and forth to those different versions (meantime also working on my own stuff) and in the end erased all of them, then almost gave up. But then one day after relating my misery to my friend, he just asked me “What are you trying to say, man?” It was a very sobering question that gave me a kick-start. Later while walking in the park in the early evening during those last days of summer, my attention was drawn to the messing of the kids in the playground. I sat on the bench observing and then later the whole thing dawned on me. Millions of thoughts rushed through my head with one surfacing repeatedly – Imagine one day just not seeing any of this- all what we take for granted.

Coming back to what I call “intentional evil”… Having being studying what many call The New World Order/One World Government and Globalisation for a number of years, in the beginning I observed many conspiracy theories with amusement. Inevitably many conspiracy theories have been partially debunked almost immediately but being persistent by nature and having dug deep enough, amusement has been replaced by uncertainty and a feeling that there is definitely more than meets the eye. To aid the longevity of this blog, I intentionally will not be providing any links nor mentioning any names here, stressing that all of this is just my own personal opinion and it is your right to doubt everything I am saying, so you can find out for yourself. But I feel if you are earnest in your quest you will arrive at a similar point of view, which is: we are being manipulated, lied to by means of mass media and political structures and apparently there is a sinister hidden agenda with a clear plan in store for all of us, which is beginning to unravel as we speak. Behind all of that there is a small bunch of “shady” people.
I realise how this sounds to the uninitiated – almost like the stuff of a sci-fi movie – and if you feel I’m really off on a limb here that’s fine by me. That should be even more reason for you to investigate what I’m talking about. Don’t trust me!

I’m not going to get into a discussion about the New World Order here (there’s a vast amount of information you have to work through to make sense of this) but rather about the global governance as a whole. The conclusion I have arrived at is based on documented evidence, which is available, if you delve deeply enough, so I can honestly say that my point of view is not spawned by mere rumours. Nevertheless, I think in general many people feel that there is definitely something very wrong with the world today and this should be a good enough reason for you to start your journey.

What I mean by intentional evil is not the conventional belief of Satan as a devil figure but rather our own actions and if our actions are causing suffering and injustice and especially if there is an element of gain in the outcome, that’s what I call intentional evil. So, in short if you know that your actions will result in misery, then your actions are intentionally evil. Not to ambush you with a mass of information, I’ll just give you a few examples that we are all familiar with. Well, we all know what is going on in Africa – people dying right, left and centre. Why? The immediate answer would be drought, internal civil conflict, poor hygiene etc. Yes, that’s what it looks like on the surface. But as you go on informing yourself you start to find out that the enslavement and looting of the African Continent (which made the Western nations rich in the first place) by the civilised world and the imposition of dummy governments and topping this with the debt issue, produced the results we currently observe. Realising that this is not a random chain of events, the answer is obviously clear. You can say there are droughts, water problems- water needs to be purified by treatment plants, which are not available etc. Yes, but that’s exactly my point-Why? Looks like billions of taxpayers’ money is available to send spaceships to the moon looking for a few bucketfuls of water but none to help people who are dying. What is very clear to me is that somebody has an advantage to keep the African Continent the way it is – underdeveloped, starving, declining and disease-ridden.
—In fact, the same attitude applies to all the third world countries—. Sure, many organisations are trying to do great humanitarian work and of course there is a certain amount of funding made available (including drowning loans) but in reality the efforts, whether genuine or otherwise, are just a drop in the ocean (the funding usually ends up in the corrupt governments’ pockets). So, the fact remains: Africa, which is abundant in various metals and diamonds, remains poorest. Is this really by chance or is someone gaining an advantage? To me, what is happening is an indication of intentional evil.

Next the “terrorism” issue: We are all familiar with events and the facts as presented in the media (as to what terrorism is). But at the same time, under the terrorism law, our freedoms start to gradually disappear. We see the return of censorship, our freedom of speech has become conditional and in fact, today your property could be searched without warrant, you could be detained indefinitely and potentially anybody could be accused of being a terrorist. The argument here of course could be that we need a set of stringent rules to deal with this issue. Stringent yes, but not at the expense of the most basic human rights and of human dignity itself. Taking into account that the lawmakers know exactly what they are doing and ruling out the possibility of “chance” here, we’re left with a strong indication of intent in the end result, which to me again indicates intentional evil.

Financial Crisis – another indication that we are being lied to and manipulated.
Without going into the nitty gritty of financial workings, which everyone is well aware hinge on speculation, somehow I’m not happy with the official simplistic cop-out version blaming the crisis on “derivatives” and “bad loans”. When the institutions whose very policies are based on profit not loss, start to give out loans irresponsibly while not considering the consequences, inevitably the question arises “Who runs the show?”
Obviously, you allow for the failure of judgement of a few workers, maybe a few scores of workers, maybe even that of a few banks at worst – no system is perfect, but when the whole thing takes on global proportions, suspicion naturally creeps in. Just ask yourself: do you really think those people don’t know what they’re doing? – for example, giving out extra loans to people in order to ‘help’ them clear their existent loans, which they are struggling with in the first place. This will, of course, result in things like repossession. Many of those who have suffered this fate feel that, looking back, it was a set up all along. This is what I would call malpractice. Is this by chance? And on top of this we have the whole “bail out” phenomenon; essentially, taxpayers’ money being drained into a black hole of financial chaos…
To me, there is an indication of intent here, which I would classify as evil.
While knowing all this, it seems to me that it’s okay with people as I very often hear the passive response “What can you do? They’re all thieves anyway…” Why this apathy and passivity? Because we have all been “doped” by additives in food (GMO is just one indicator of this), in the very air we breath with chemtrails, the water we drink and the TV that became a parent to us and I’m not even going into the controversial swine flu with its “dodgy” vaccines.
Unfortunately, as was mentioned by a prominent physician, most of us can’t even think straight anymore, resorting to emotional reactions or in the case of the younger generation resorting to choosing between A and B, applying the computer game strategy to life.

And last but not least the “Global Warming” issue, which is increasingly referred to as “Climategate”.
Here I will probably invoke the wrath of many! I never really bought into this climate change thing, which became a real religious movement in itself. Although I must admit for a while I was led on, confused by watching the environmental “horror movies”. But lately we hear about the blatant manipulation of data worldwide, upon which all these crooked “facts” were based. An overwhelming amount of documents indicating fraud have been leaked out recently and unsurprisingly this is the real inconvenient truth, which the “shady” bunch tries to keep away from us.
Again, I repeat – don’t trust anything I’ve said so far but please do yourself a favour and investigate it for yourself – and I hope I’ve stirred enough stuff here to wake you up…

So, to summarise the above – we are being manipulated, controlled, lied to and deliberately misinformed about many things and with “their” latest financial propositions and Co2 taxes, it looks like soon we’ll all live under planetary dictatorship.
Assuming for a moment that you agree with me, what am I proposing to do?
Am I proposing a revolution? Well, although that would probably seem a logical choice in the current circumstances, I feel the time for revolution in the conventional sense has passed. We are just too comfortable (or think that we are) to lift our butts and do something. You see the ideology of the “shady” bunch here is that the slave must never realise that he is a slave. We must think that we live in a “free society”, as if we have “rights” and as long as we keep buying and accumulating stuff that we don’t really need and overindulging ourselves, then we will never realise what is really going on. The “happy” slave never thinks or questions but just follows the instructions obediently, while observing the drama played out to us by the media.

On the other hand, another choice would be : Let us all await the second coming/the arrival of the advanced extra-terrestrials whilst receiving guidance from spiritual masters as we prepare ourselves to enter the new higher dimension of the Golden Age or some might prefer to leave it all up to chance waiting for the Judgement Day. I must admit that taking refuge in denial is often a tempting option but…

However the only choice we’re left with is to unite in spirit, which will inevitably lead to change. This choice, to me, is the balanced one. Let me explain…

It has been established through various scientific experiments that every thought has a very real energy behind it, which in turn suggests that it has a tangible effect upon the fabric of reality. So, thought, which generates energy, is a very powerful force really. Just imagine linking up with many people while thinking a particular thought. It could have a much more powerful result than arbitrary and mere wishful thinking, which lack intention and force. The point of this is that while just thinking a thought produces energy, imbuing the thought with intent increases the effect manifold. I believe if all of us can link subconsciously with each other while giving the intent to our thinking we could definitely change the current situation. Now many will respond by saying “This has been done in the past and yielded no great results”. Maybe so, but the only condition attached to this is that you have to be pure at heart. What I mean is that you have to start the work of change, first of all from yourself. I mean how many of us are really of pure of heart? Not to get religious here but do we really have absolute goodwill towards our neighbour? Do we easily forgive, if at all, and do we even know what love really is? (having been misled into thinking that this is just an emotion opposite to hatred). In this time of celebration of the birth of ‘Christ’ how many of us will be marking it by death, having the corpse of a turkey on the table?… I may sound preachy but I’m trying to remain dispassionate in this blog, which at times is difficult and if some parts of this blog generates an emotional reaction in you, just ask yourself: is it my ego reacting here?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to show that I’m the sorted one here – I’m too aware of my own shortcomings but having been speaking about all of this to my friends for a while, I was strongly encouraged to put it into writing. The Atlantis track gave me a good reason to do so.
Earlier I said this was a difficult blog for me to write, to try to express the thoughts without evoking the emotional wrath of the readers. I allow for the possibility of me being labelled, which of course you are free to do but I hope that you won’t treat this blog just like another conspiracy theory. The conspiracy theory is never backed by strong documented evidence, calling on faith alone, and although I’m not providing any documented evidence here either, my conclusions are drawn upon painstaking research, which anyone can do for themselves.

Coming back to the music.
The Atlantis song is not about the glorification of Atlantis but rather to show (taking Plato’s version into account) that civilisation, which progressed to the heights of technological advancement, ended up in ruins whilst having sunk to the lowest levels of spiritual awareness. While sitting in the park, as mentioned earlier, the parallel of the birth, advancement and demise between all the great civilisations and our own was very clear to me. I sense the demise of Atlantis in our time, if you will. The cracks are only too evident. Well, we have great technologies and many religious and spiritual teachings full of wisdom… Yes, we do, but with all of this we are confused as never before trying to establish the “correct” doctrine. Just to look at the various conflicts that have “religion” at their core.
Whilst “loving” our families and being “patriotic” to our countries, we are too readily duped while being shipped to fight someone else’s illegal wars under the banner of Freedom “regardless”.
At the same time, while observing the phenomenal expansion of the New Age movement, more and more I meet nihilistically-minded people, the latter sadden me more. And I can go on and on.

We all need to wake up, and I mean really wake up from the comfortable illusion of “I’m ok, then you’re ok”.
It’s our duty to do so – to claim our birthright as humanity, not just as a species but as aware beings emanating compassion, which manifests as respect to all and everything. That’s what love is really meant to be.

To conclude, I’d like to give you a quick breakdown of the Atlantis track.
In a way, the track obliterates the senses – I intended that, so the listener wouldn’t be too attached to the emotions, but will rather invoke questions.
What you hear in the beginning are the samples of kids playing – recorded in Spain and here in Ireland. Then you hear the static of the radio waves, which represents our “communication” ridden world. The harp puts you in a reflective mood here. Then you hear synth melody over the sharp-sounding drum loops, which demand your attention, so to speak. The music develops with a hint of melancholy, showing the burden of the knowledge, which I talked about earlier. Then, the harp returns to give you a break but at the same time preparing you for what follows. Here you can hear the church bell, which I often hear taking a walk in the park, reminding that “Time is ticking”… Next, after a crescendo of the badly-tuned radio station – our warped reality (it’s not a helicopter by the way) -along with an array of instruments, the more severe drum loops come in. They get replaced by acoustic drums and in turn by the prayer and then, with the entrance of the guitar, all hell breaks loose, encompassing everything that I said up to now. After the repetition of the prayer, the “peculiar ending” (as I was told), follows. The track ends with the question: “What’s it going to be?”… To me the ending indicates hope and the belief in the possibility of Real Change. We don’t have to “repeat” Atlantis – it is all up to us – we are the change.

Why the prayer?
Because that’s what gave me direction with this song. As I said earlier, having scrapped the previous versions I realised that the very core was missing… Eventually, meeting with Sinead O’Connor gave me the spontaneous idea of her doing the prayer. Just as before I listened to my intuition here, which thankfully never lets me down. I don’t necessarily regard Sinead as a saint or an enlightened being but from my communications with her I couldn’t help but notice a huge magnetism that goes far beyond the physical. This woman, in my opinion, has a rare and raw energy about her and the purity of her heart is apparent to me.
In the original version I left her voice unprocessed, I especially didn’t want to get this polished, “professional” performance. On my way to the recording, I had mixed feelings thinking it would be a tall order to get the exact opposite of what is normally required. While never doubting Sinead’s sincerity, as we are all accustomed to in her performances, I wanted to get something more intangible, a sort of “stripped-down” version, to get her off guard, so to speak and to my surprise that’s exactly what I’ve got – you can hear this for yourself in this prayer.
To me, this prayer “Our Father” (which has pre-Christian origins) has been spoken not by a singer in front of a microphone but by a person who is asking for protection. This is not a victim crying for help to the unreachable Above but a person who in a moment of crisis is speaking from the heart, and not being stirred by emotions is very clear in the intent. A person who like us all has doubts, ups and downs but remains balanced. To me, it’s the voice of a woman, a mother but above all, it’s a voice of a human being reaching out, looking for guidance for herself but at the same time on behalf of all of us. It’s the voice of humanity itself, if you will, and the result that you hear is priceless to me.

Of course the music here can stand on its own but at the same time I wanted for it to be complimentary to the prayer as well. After all, the prayer is the focal point here. In a way, I’m kind of “sneaking-in” the prayer with the music, knowing that the initial reaction to prayer might unfortunately be off putting (unless you’re a fan of Sinead of course). My intent and hope here is that the prayer would give you a kick-start to your own personal awakening, if you’re not already woken up.

(You can download both versions of the Atlantis for free by clicking the link below)

So far the general response has been one of appraisal on a purely musical note. But to be honest, while I certainly appreciate such feedback, I was somewhat disappointed with the lack of intellectual interest in the issues raised. Having not done this in vain, I feel this feedback is inappropriate really and I hope now my motivations here are clear enough.

I’d like to finish by thanking you all for your patience in reading this blog, and I hope that during this festive time you will find a moment to reflect on many of the above things, including the importance of kindness, compassion and forgiveness realising that we are all in the same boat here. We are all equal and we all have the right to claim space under the sun regardless of our race, gender, views and preferences. But unfortunately some of us are still asleep. Please wake up and start to question what is really going on, for your own sake and for the sake of all of us.

I hope this song and blog will give you an incentive to debunk my views and lead you on your own path to liberation, arming you with knowledge.

Finally, I’d like to quote the line from the prayer “and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil”.

I sincerely wish this to each and every one of you – not to be led into the temptation of denial and indulgence and to be delivered from the evil of ignorance and corruption of Spirit.

We all need this, now more than ever before…

Yours Sincerely

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